MCOR19's Keynote Speaker

Condoleezza Rice

66th U.S. Secretary of State

MCOR, the NGCOA’s annual Multi-Course and Resort Operators Retreat, is an exclusive, invitation-only gathering of golf’s top golf resort officers and owners/managers of six or more courses.

You’re invited to join us and your peers from around the world on July 23 and 24 in Monterey, California for two full days of executive-level networking, sharing strategies and best practices, thought leadership on critical issues, and of course socializing and relaxing at our annual Yamaha golf outing and evening activities. 

Why do Multi-Course Owners (MCOs) attend?

I come for the networking, education, learning about the challenges our customers face and what new solutions are offered in the market to address them.

To connect with other disciplines within the industry, visit with vendors and spend some time away in a relaxing environment.

Why do Top Resort Officers (TROs) attend?

It’s a chance to interact with my peers in the Resort segment and learn things I didn’t know.