Dear Multi-Course Owners and Resort Operators,

The PGA of America, with our Career Services and ExecuSearch teams, is excited to be a part of the MCOR Leadership Retreat. We look at this event as a way to create long-lasting business relationships and showcase the services we offer when you are looking to hire and employ a PGA Professional. We are committed to a higher standard in providing service and professional assistance throughout the hiring process and growing this game that we all love. Have a great retreat!

Scott Kmiec
Senior Director, PGA ExecuSearch

PGA ExecuSearch
No matter your management level needs, PGA ExecuSearch has the resources, network, and expertise to identify the right candidate with the highest level of professionalism and experience to effectively manage your operation. The mission of ExecuSearch is to serve as the most trusted professional resource for employers seeking experts to lead an organization in the golf and hospitality industry and support their future success by serving as lifelong partners. Start your search today at!

PGA Career Services
With a team of 26 Career Consultants, Career Services offers an array of invaluable resources to help employers manage all employment-related matters. Whether employers are looking to identify and recruit talent or manage through challenges, PGA Career Services can offer trends, data, and hiring solutions to help reach your goals and source talent. For the industry professional, our goal is for you to advance your career and provide value to your employer. Industry professionals continue to take advantage of career planning, resume writing, interview prep, coaching, and negotiating strategies available to take their careers to the next level.

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Scott Kmiec
Senior Director, Member and Section Operations
[email protected]

Caitlyn Doyle, PGA
Career & ExecuSearch Consultant serving the Northern California PGA
[email protected]

Ken Ferrell, PGA
Career & ExecuSearch Consultant serving the Aloha PGA
[email protected]