Dear Multi-Course Owners and Resort Operators,

We are excited to make our rookie appearance at the MCOR22 retreat and share our new cloud-based golf club benchmark software with you.  We have leveraged many years of accounting and technology expertise to build a simple to use piece of software that will yield a significant return for you and your management teams (GM, PGA, Superintendent).

We look forward to meeting many of you for the first time, playing some golf and sharing our new business story.  We hope you may consider a little corporate soul-searching and consider testing out our new golf club benchmark software.   

Best regards,

Michael A. Suglich, CPA
Founder / President
Greenlight Advisors

Greenlight Advisors is an emerging technology company that provides a cloud-based golf club benchmark software engine, designed to help golf clubs simplify and improve financial performance, productivity, and profitability. Greenlight Advisors, with the feedback from various private and public golf courses, including the management team at Salt Lake City Golf, has developed a Golf Club Benchmark solution that will help drive financial and operational improvements for the GM, Director of Golf and Course Superintendent.

“Golf clubs are continuously seeking ways to optimize performance and measure industry competitiveness, but often times find themselves struggling to identify who or what information to trust,” said Greenlight Advisors Founding Partner Michael A. Suglich, CPA. “Our new Golf Club Benchmark software will help the clubs illuminate clear and accurate data in an easy and useful way – ultimately impacting their bottom line and financial future.” Read about our benchmark reports.

The Greenlight Advisor’s golf club benchmark software is designed to help golf clubs measure how they stack up against other clubs by capturing financial and operational data, then illuminating it in a competitive context so the clubs managers can make clear, informed decisions. The online portal automates the stage of going from data to comparative insights, highlighting data in the form of simple-to-read traffic lighting.

Greenlight Advisors is looking for multi-course operators and public and private golf clubs that are open to corporate soul-searching to unleash their full potential by testing out our golf club benchmark software.

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Michael A. Suglich, CPA
Founder / President