Dear Multi-Course Owners and Resort Operators,

Golf Shot is excited to be a Participating Sponsor at the 2022 Multi-Course & Resort Operators Retreat. We recently launched Golf Shot at the 2022 PGA Show in Orlando with astounding success. We’re looking forward to meeting and being around this impressive group of golf entrepreneurs as we continue to learn how we can bring our neutraceutical science to the golf industry with success.


Dana Potts

PSR Brands was formed by a group of Entrepreneurs and Scientists dedicated to providing the safest and most effective dietary supplements to consumers. We have embarked in bringing our supplement expertise to the golf industry with a patented formula in our NEW 2 oz drink, Golf Shot.  Golf Shot is an energy shot that increases focus, energy, and endurance during a round. The sustained nitric oxide boost, concentration, and focus is delivered by Golf Shot to drive the golfer to their best. Our scientists dosed each ingredient judiciously to assure consumers the maximum effect without the jitters and crash on the course.

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Dana Potts
Director of Golf Shot Sales
Phone 317-903-3051